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Cypheros Ts Doctor 1.2.45
Cypheros Ts Doctor 1.2.45


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Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www.virustotal.comInformacja dotyczca plikw cookies Informujemy, i w celu optymalizacji treci dostpnych w naszym serwisie, w celu dostosowania ich do indywidualnych potrzeb kadego uytkownika, jak rwnie dla celw reklamowych i statystycznych korzystamy z informacji zapisanych za pomoc plikw cookies na urzdzeniach kocowych uytkownikw .Conversion of DVB subtitles into SRT text format New features include the conversion of DVB subtitles into the more widely-used SRT text formatSearch or Browse all software by sectionsSearch or Browse all software by sections Systemy operacyjne1.Parrot Security OS 3.72.OpenMediaVault 3.0.823.SparkyLinux 4.6.14.Antergos 17.75.Tails 3.0.16.Linux Mint 18.27.Arch Linux 2017.07.018.Elive 2.9.29.PCLinuxOS 2017.0710.Rockstor 3.9.111.Sabayon 17.0712.Sabayon Linux 17.0713.Windows 10 Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition 5.814.Clonezilla Live 2.5.2-1715.Raspbian 2017-06-2116.PS4 System Software 4.7117.NuTyX 2017062518.Manjaro Linux 17.0.219.NAS4Free 3.0221.Debian 9.0.022.ALT Linux 2017061323.OSMC 2017.05-224.Skolelinux 9.025.Alpine Linux 3.6.2DOWNLOAD Cypheros TS-Doctor 1.2.7 Top Android Apps 1 Any Cut 1.0 2 XHubs (18+) 3 1Mobile Market (Free Android Store) 4 AnimeFLV 1.3.3 5 EVIL OPERATOR 1.252 6 HK TV Shows 1.0.2 7 Pic Lock- Hide Photos & Videos 2.1 8 HD codec Player 1.7.5 9 2.1 10 Gallery Lock (Hide pictures) 4.9 Top Freeware in Other Video Tools 1 Windows Movie Maker 2.1 2 DVD43 4.6.0 3 Spherical Panorama Dual Fisheye Video Co 20.01 4 Movie Subtitles Searcher 1.0 5 SpeedBit Video Accelerator 6 Free Video Cutter 1.0 7 Free Video Flip and Rotate 8 vMix 9 AVI FourCC Changer 1.0 10 Nepflex Screen Recorder Top Shareware in Other Video Tools 1 honestech TVR 2.0 2 Nero Vision 4 3 Tipard Screen Capture 1.0.98 4 SlowMotion 5 Tipard Blu-ray Copy 7.1.52 6 Aiseesoft Screen Recorder 1.0.40 7 AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate 6.1.98 8 AnyMP4 Blu-ray Creator 1.1.22 9 Movie Title Maker 2.0 10 CyberLink ColorDirector 2.0 morePopular Searches ts to mp4 ipod samsung ts sex video n70 mobile ebuddy old version 1.2.0 download psp mp4 music msxml version 6.10.1129.0 flv to video ts pc .ts converter DVD063-82467-TORRENT48-COM.avi n311 android dvr ts player ts to mpeg whatsapp latest version nokia e63 3gp delia ts ts to mp4 converter ts mandi aplikasi untuk edit photo nokia e71 hot to convert ts stream play audio songs ts covertor pic monkey photo editor download New Software in Other Video Tools 1 Aiseesoft QuickTime Converter for Mac 6.3.60 2 Subtitle And Video Renamer 0.4.0 3 ThunderMaster 1.9h 4 Kingo HTC Bootloader Unlock 0.1.0 5 QtlMovie 1.2.10 6 BluffTitler Portable 7 Plex Home Theater 1.0.4 8 Duplicate Video Search 16.0.0 9 MovieScanner 1.0 10 Kamerah 2.0 Enhanced Speed Further optimisation has resulted in significantly faster processing speeds, especially for modern PCs with fast SSD drivesNajnowsze pliki: RSS 14/07 11:10 - UNetbootin 6.5413/07 11:06 - FreeFileSync 9.211/07 17:15 - Universal Media Serv11/07 17:11 - VeraCrypt 1.2111/07 17:10 - HDHacker 1.6.211/07 17:09 - Personal Backup 5.8Molti altri miglioramenti che rendono il lavoro con le immagini TS ancora pi facile e veloce


button, if no markers are visible - Fixed problem with the reset of the cut list in the cutting window - Fixed wrong colors for errors and warnings in the progress window - Fixed problem with special characters for teletext subtitles in the demuxer - Reset problem with Enigma AP/SC-indexer fixed when several recordings were processed sequentially - For TechniSat recording it could occur sporadically, that the last 30 seconds of the recording could not be edited - Optional "extended PID scan" where larger parts are scanned - Automatic removal of subtitles fixed (inverted) - Support for Russian language 1.2.161 - Undo function in the cutting window (CTRL + Z) - Enigma-AP/SC-indexer processed also TS files that were created with Videoredo - Hotkey function of the delete key is now switched off when changing to the file separation dialog - Workaround for "Previous I-frame" in the timeline panel when using LAVFilters - Fixed problem with sporadic not working "Previous I-frame" when using Haali-Splitter - Fixed bug in the SampleGrabber which could lead to hang of the playback graph in certain configurations - Enigma AP/SC indexer improved - Removing marked section via the delete key, if a marker is enabled in the cutting window - Removing cutting areas via the delete key, if no marker is enabled in the cutting window - Fallback for cutting images, when problems with fast Samplegrabbing - Inaccuracies cutting images with the help of the fast SampleGrabbings in the cutting window - "AAC small PTS delta"- problem fixed in TS Remuxer logfile - Double rows of Teletext subtitles (Polish HBO) will be merged now - Increased buffer for EmulationPrevetions (ORF Sport + HD) - Fallback if Teletext time format has changed - Adjusted changed Teletext time format for ARD-Alpha 1.2.154 - Filters out of PID 17 (SDT,BAT,ST) during playback in the cutting window, otherwise HaaliSplitter hangs - Insert of AC3 silence in TS Remuxer updated - When Teletext X26 characters used the color attributes are respected - Support for FreeSat(UK) EPG compression - Missing or only partially existing stream resulted in a long delay when creating a new file - Adjustment for changed Teletext of SIXX - Fixed problems with the date format for DVBViewer EPG data - Problems with French teletext subtitles on Arte channel fixed - Catching fails to connect the audio components in the cutting window (under MacOS/Wine) - Entry for English-based (other) in ISO639 list moved to the correct position - Priority changed while selecting character set in the Teletext improved (especially for Russian television) - Fixed flickering of progress bar when skin is disabled - Fix for incorrectly displayed MPEG audio parameters caused by defective audio packages 1.2.148 - Support for Teletext with cyrillic and greek character sets - Improved detection of 192 byte TS packets - Shows MPEG audio details 1.2.147 - Problem with download of additional tools under Linux fixed - "Default Language Descriptor" was ignored for recreated PMTs - No unwanted file separation while automatically remove encrypted areas - tsMuxeR not correctly detected during installation - Support for ADS info from the "DVB recording service" - After the repair of a timer jump or removing encrypted areas the programme guide was no longer fully scanned - Improved Teletext TV Guide - Support for taking over Fortis FTRI packets, so that the recordings remain playable on Fortis receivers - Faster CRC32 check (8x faster routine) 1.2.144 - Fixed a restart problem of the trial version - Download option of additional tools during Setup - Commandline parameter for the target directory now also works for single files 1.2.143 - Improved Teletext processing - Additional channels included in the Teletext processing - Fixed problems with SIXX-Teletext - Disabled audio tracks and subtitles have been incorrectly applied to the batch list 1.2.142 - Hotfix for problems with the file dialogs (program termination without error message) - In radio mode the LAVSplitter is prefered, because the Haali splitter produces no audio for recordings without video stream - Support for recording of TechniSat ISIO S receivers - File Merger now supports the merging of overlapping recordings - Incomplete audio streams will now be ignored in preview to circumvent problems with Haali Splitter 1.2.141 - Teletext TV guide for German Sky channels improved - EIT can be ignored via advanced options in the file open dialog - Various graphic elements made independent of the skin engine - Fixed error message "No mapping for Unicode characters in the multibyte target code page exists" when opening older recordings - Fixed incorrect duration displayed for recordings with PCR-wrap - Teletext processing improved for swiss channels - Fixed problems with certain special characters for teletext channels in Czech - Adopted various Czech stations for teletext analysis - VPS auto cutting for Czech TV channels CT1, CT2 and Nova - Flickering in progress window fixed, if skin is disabled - Installation scripts completely rewritten - More detailed search for teletext subtitles - Problems fixed in TS Remuxer and TS Demuxer for ATSC recordings, where audio and video PIDs are below 32 - Fix for Trial under VM and Wine - Show title recognition via Teletext improved (NDR problem) - Possibility to enter compatible filters by registry entry - Support for PowerDVD 14 video filters - Skin surface made can be switched off (for wine/crossover - compatibility) - Timeline now accessable even without skin engine - Skin surface under wine/crossover switched off by default, to prevent hangin in the cutting window - Time values now correctly for created SRT subtitles, even if Teletext PTS is missing or incorrect - Compiler update - Update of skin engine - New trial time - Choice for H265 video filter in the settings - For H265 recordings the LAV splitter is selected, because Haali splitter does not support H265 - Trial of the TS doctors under VM possible but with 500MB-Limit for the output file - Detection of H265/HEVC video streams - Detection of DolbyE video streams - H265/HEVC cutting (PES) 1.2.134 - Hotfix for not fully activated preview when using the Microsoft audio filter under Windows 7 - When inverting the cut list the cutting images are now updated accordingly 1.2.133 - I-frame detection is working now for LAVSplitters too - More improvements for American cable TV - Evaluation of all EPG data in ATSC recordings - Improved adaptation of the aspect ratio of screen shots in the cutting window - Fixed 's with manual detection of advertising in multi-part recordings - Detection of EIA-608 data in MPEG2 streams - Use of P-frames for the CutOuts in H264 can be turned off to avoid video artifacts - Play button only active after creating the cutting images - Improved handling of recordings from the United States (ATSC) - Improved recognition of ATSC recordings - Evaluation of the VirtualChannelTable and the SystemTimeTable for ATSC recordings - Anamorphic adaptation of screenshots in the timeline panel - Fixed potential deadlock in H264 processing - Screenshot in cutting window via shortcut "[Alt] i" - Teletext analysis for Italian channels added (Rai1,Rai2,Rai3,Canale5,Italia1,TGCom24) - Better detection of the recording start via Teletext even for unknown channels - Detection of recordings of Dutch TV stations NED1, NED2 and NED3 via cable - Sporadic problems with Kathrein UFS912 recordings fixed - Working progress in garbage scan - File position error for recordings with less than 10% usable data fixed - More than 20% fill data (garbage at the beginning and end), garbage-scan box remains yellow as a warning - Detection of private streams like Kronehits - PES demuxing of private streams - The CRC of newly created files will be found in the log now - The CRC of any files can now be calculated in the menu under Tools 1.2.128 - Display of the station name for recordings of an entire transponder with all PIDs - No longer functioning SRT Time Changer fixed - Better support for transponder recordings with many encrypted stream - Now also PCR jumps at the end of recordings are detected correctly - Very short cutting areas (less than 500ms) are filtered for the automatic cut to avoid cutting problems - Evaluation of the ServiceDescriptorTable if found, to get the channel name - Interpolation of the recording start time if no time information via Teletext or TOT is present - If a file needs to be repaired first all streams remain in the fixed file - Screenshot available even during playback in the cutting window now, playback is temporarily paused - In the cutting window the cursor no longer moves to the end, when jumping backwards via -1m, -10s or -1s button - Better support for splitted files of Kathrein UFS 903 - Fixed drag&drop of multiple files on the main window - Support for channel logos (channelname.png) - Uses automatically existing channel logos of DVBViewer - VDR channel logo pack from 3PO can be downloaded - Extracting recording infos from TechniSat REC files - Teletext analysis improved for some channels and some channels added - Year indication in the teletext analysis improved 1.2.125 - Fixed problems with sporadic inexact first cutting point (since Beta 1.2.120) 1.2.124 - Hotfix for version info of TSMuxer 2.0.8(b) 1.2.123 - DVD-Maker problem for recordings with a & in the file name fixed - In the cutting form a jump will lead to an update of the selected cutting area - Fixed problem that the first I-frame was not considered for the initial cut - Better consideration of the PCR/PTS delay in determining the cutting point - Code optimization for faster program start - Own and faster detection routine of the DirectX version on DLL version instead of DXDiag - Drag&Drop of files updated - Ignore transportscramblingcontrol for detection of the stream start - Lesebuffer optimized for analysis - Raw cutter updated - Automatic stream selection for subtitles and audio streams based on language and format - New version control for "supported tools" - Teletext utilization for several Belgian channels added - "Devision by zero" bug for radio recordings fixed - Removing areas while creating cutting point images blocked - Removal of incomplete shows is performed for commercials detection via the menu, too - Potential problems while removing areas at the end of a recording fixed 1.2.116 - Fix for problems with thumbnails and single frame view 1.2.115 - Fixed problem with delayed subtitles of Finnish channels - Current selected section is now adjusted according to the cut - Improved support for multiple concurrent instances of the TS-Doctor - TS-Doctor renderer optimized and support for YUY2 format and VideoInfoHeader2 - No more illegal timer jump detected for ordinary PCR wraps - Problem "no audio data written" for recordings with PCR wrap fixed - Updated Teletext TV guide for SWR channel because of changes 1.2.114 - Improved detection and removal of PCR jumps on BBC channels - Improved automatic removal of encrypted areas - Fixed sporadic wrong detection of PCR drift for recordings of BBC channels - Download of tools and updates changed to WinINet API - Checking for Internet connection before attempting to download something - Windows XP x64 was incorrectly compatibility mode detected even though this was not active - Support for downloading tools and updates via SSL - Improved installation of tools - Support for version 0.61.0 of LAVFilters - Repair of recordings where the PCR value drifts (Haupauge HD PVR2 problem) - Revised overwrite warning for saving of cutting lists - TV guide via teletext for Pro7 FUN, ProSieben MAXX, VIVA Germany, Disney Channel - Error message for files with file size zero - Data from the xml file of neutrino recordings is inserted in the description - Improved extraction of movie infos from the teletext - Broadcast standard was disregarded in some cases for ATSC recordings - Fixed several potential problems with the editing of recordings with PCR-wrap - Warning shots, where the PCR value drifts - Compatible to Haali-Splitter from K-Lite Codec Pack - Problem with volume setting in error preview window fixed - Sporadic problem fixed "no audio data is written" for recordings with PCR-wrap - Fixed a problem with the close button in the dialogs - Support for the new tsMuxeR version 2.6.11 including tsMuxerGUI - Support for current versions of ComSkip (free & donator) - If a recording has to be repaired first, teletext and subtitles are no longer removed unintentionally - Overwrite warning for saving of cutting lists - Fixed a potential problem with UTC time correction in the EPG TV Guide 1.2.108 - If bad EPG data is detected, the EPG will be ignored (occurred more frequently at ORF) - Bad EPG data no longer lead to hang the EPG-evaluation - Visualized creation of the EPG TV guide - Improved resolution of TV guide - Advanced options on opening a file (force new PAT/PMT) - If incorrect EPG found the TV guide is generated via teletext - Maximized State of the cutting window is stored now in addition to the screen position - Sporadic problems for very short TechniSat recordings fixed (less than 100 MB) - Warning when attempting to run the TS-Doctor in Windows compatibility mode, as this can cause problems - Improved support of Swiss television channels SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2 - Improved automatic cutting for SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2 - Automatic detect and remove commercials for SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RSI LA 1, RSI LA 2 in EPG/VPS cutting mode (as far as possible) - Fixed various issues with the EPG cutting - Incorrect EPG status no longer hang the application - "Fix incorrect TechniSat cuts" in the settings fixed - Audio errors were shown only if file was cutted - Fix for sporadic still wrong film details after working with Sky recordings - Default file name for screenshot (recording file name + [time]) - Fixed a bug when detecting the sound format of ORF3 - Sporadic problems with cleaning of the song titles for "Deluxe Music" and EPG cutting fixed - VPS cutting was offered for ZDFinfo although the Teletext does not belong to ZDFinfo - Fixed issue with the internal TV Guide for sky recordings, when the recording occurred shortly after midnight - Fixed a bug in the single frame display - Sporadic wrong film details in additional file of Sky recordings 1.2.104 - Sporadic error fixed "No audio data has been written" - Improved handling of music recordings - Automatic removal of advertising blocks for "Deluxe Music" via EPG-cut - Automatic cleaning of song titles for recordings from "Deluxe music" with EPG-cut - Timeline is drawn much faster - Significantly reduces CPU load in the preview window - Packages without payload are no longer listed in the log but as the sum at the end of the log - Fixed sporadic signed bug when removing the PCR jumps - Fixed sporadic faulty PCR display in the progress window - AC3 format changes were shown in the log even though they were outside of the cutting areas - Fixed sporadic hanger for audio format change (BBC THREE) - Fixed a bug in the Skinengine - Brazilian ISDB-TB standard can be selected as broadcast standard - Wrong PMT entries for certain audio tracks can be fixed (Brazilian TV) - Fixing of problematic TechniSat cuts can be deactivated in the settings - For some Danish channels, the AAC track was not recognized - Revised detection of audio formats for improved detection of MPEG1 audio 1.2.100 - Improved AAC parser - On saving a file, spaces are removed from the beginning and end of the file name - Fix for install in another directory as the default directory - The I-frame detection is enabled by default on the wine/crossover - Support for ATI MPEG2 Decoder Filter - Support for AMD Video Decoder Filter (MPEG2) - For setting "AUTOMATIC" the "enhanced video renderer" is now used in Windows Vista/7/8 as "Default Video Renderer" - Workaround for sporadic missing audio in the timeline when you use the Microsoft DTV-DVD audio decoder - Color information of Teletext subtitles can be applied in the SRT export - Wine/Crossover compatible video renderer - Improved search for time jumps within the recording - Fixed a potential problem at startup (14%) - After repair of recordings with time jumps, opening of the repaired recording is offered now - PMT problem with processing of VLC recordings fixed 1.2.96 - Fix for automatic update of trial versions 1.2.95 - Trial reset, new version can be tested 30 days again - Installation in multi user enviroment improved - Improved error handling during automatic update and tool installation - Fixed a potential problem with the re-creation of a PMT for defective or missing PMT - Improves troubleshooting of TechniSat recordings with timer problems, because by cut function in the receiver - Improved Teletext programme guide - Support of Dutch Teletext(Nos) (NED1, NED2, NED3) for program overview - Selection of the correct PMT improved, if there are multiple PMTs - Working with the TS Haupauge HD PVR recordings, finally - Identify and correct timing errors for TechniSat recordings that were cut with the receiver - Memory usage of the application is displayed in the log - ATSC to DVB conversion improved for AC-3 entries in the PMT - If the cut list was inverted, the cuts were not saved correctly for the reopening - FAT/FAT32 file system warning for files that are larger than 4 GB, can be disabled in the preferences - The scrambled flag will be ignored by default and no dialog box opens - Sporadic errors in the result dialog fixed - New display of error distribution in the result dialog - Improved recognition of stream types by searching at 3 different stream positions - Improved recognition of regional programme switching - French program translation improved (Thanks Phil) 1.2.90 - Fixed display of the cut list if cutting images ???????? ????????? disabled - Option to turn off parity-check on Teletext subtitles (necessary for British channels "Watch.") - Double click was necessary in the cut list to jump to the beginning or end of a cutting range - Teletext program overviews for German Sky channels improved - In the timeline panel, the playback speed is no longer changed when jumping in the timeline - Fixed bug in patching the AC3 tracks in the PMT 1.2.89 - Automatic update respects now the previously chosen installation folder - First entry in the Batchliste was displayed incorrectly - Design of the cutting list improved 1.2.88 - Support for R5000-HD DVR recordings - Processing of recordings where a non-DVB compliant stream type is used for MPEG2 in the PMT (Canadian satellite Anik F1) - Detection and display of encrypted channels for transponder recordings - Taking into account padding data in stream type detection (French DVB-T) - Fix for non DVB/ATSC-compliant PMT entries of AC3 audio streams (playback problems of neutrino recordings on Kathrein UFS 913 receivers) - Selectable stream compatibility between ATSC(USA,Canada,Mexico) and DVB(Europa,Russland,China,Afrika,usw.) - Fixed problem with PMT less ServusTV recordings (Technisat receivers) - Installing licensed version on Linux via wine 1.6 rc4 possible (trial version not available and video preview is not working correctly) - Installing licensed version on MACOSX(Lion) via Crossover 12 possible (trial version not available and video preview is not working correctly) - Warning info when installing under VMs, that trial is not available - It could occur, during very short shots (less than 5 minutes), that the first I-frame on a cut could to be skipped - Unintended lock of the target drive fixed, not allowing to eject (hang out) external drive, as long as the TS-doctor runs - Additional PID scan at the end of the recording to better detect program switching (ServusTV) - Detection of program switching is performed now for PAT/PMT less recordings (e.g- Number of menu entries for "Last open" can be setDownload portable version = Portable/Standalone version meaning that no installation is required, just extract the files to a folder and run directly- Fortec Star FS4400 - Freebox HD - Homecast HT8000, HS8100 - Humax ICord HD - Kathrein UFS 922/910 /821 - Technisat HD-S2 - Technomate 6800HD - TT-Micro S835 HD+ PVR - NanoXX 9800 HD - Vantage VT-1, 8000S - Xoro HRS 9100,8750,8600/8520, HRT 5000, etcVersion history available = Complete changelog on our site1.2.4 - Default value for AC3 scans advertising recognition doubled - Error message after cancelling the AC3-advertising detection fixed - Workaround for jumps to the next Iframe, where some Iframes were ignored - Prevents the overlapping section when start and end on the buttons next to the designation number be changed - More elegant solution for editing the start and end times of a section range without additional window - New command line parameter AUTOBATCH automatically starts the internal Batchliste - New command line parameter: AUTODEMUX - Added support for the LAVFilters (audio, video) - ComSkip-advertising detection can be canceled - File name appears in the header of the cutting window - Cursor keys left and right can be used now in the cutting form to do frame jumps forward and backward - Edit of the start and the end times of a cutting area in a separate edit window - In the selection of the cutting area, just one click with the left mouse button is enough to jump to the beginning or the end of the cutting area - Design improved in the cutting form - Some default values adjusted - Reset button for all settings - Alternative calculation of video PTS to PCR ratio, if PCR is not on the video stream PID - Completely offset PCR values are now detected and can be adjusted if wanted (Astra.HD.H264.1080i.Astra.1D.23.5E.10jul.2007.ts) - Improved sorting of split recordings - Loading of splitted recordings a part was ignored if file name ended with a Zero (for example: 00000.ts) - Fixed problem of patching PTS values (delay to PCR) - Teletext is retained after the cut even if the PTS value of Teletext is outside the tolerance limit - AC3-advertising detection can be canceled - Teletext PTS is now automatically fixed for incorrect PTS time base without an error message (ARD HD/ZDF HD - problem) - Support for the PowerDVD 11 - audio decoder removed, because this filter will no longer allow connection to other filters - Problematic TS files that were generated with XMediaRecode can now actress srividhya sex 3gp video 1 opened despite "PCR discontinuity > 1000ms" - Instead of a confusing simple error list, a list of problem areas appears now after the repair - Support for M2TS export in TS Remuxer - Packet filters of the cutting engine revised for improved accuracy - Fixed/minimized artifact problems at cut area for HDTV recordings - Fixed bug when writing packets in the Packet Editor - Probleme fixed with IFrame detection for interlaced sources - Improved creation of the cut images when using CoreAVC- or Mainconcept h264 filter - Fixed bug when cutting between markers, was introduced in the last version - Cut keys are now updated when the markers are visually moved - Cut across several cut areas - Joining together across several cut areas - Adjusted entries for the timeline popup menu in the cutting form - Fixed problems opening of m2ts (192) files - Support for the CyberLink demuxer removed, because it's incompatible to the I-Frame detection filter - In the cutting form the key "x" can be used now to set a marker - In the cutting form the key "Del" can be used now to delete the area between the markers - In the cutting form the key "Ins" can be used now to add/join the area between the markers - In the cutting form the button "i" can be used to jump one I-Frame forward and shift & "i" to jump backward - In the cutting form the button "f" can be used to jump one frame forward and shift & "f" to jump backward - In the cutting form the button "s" can be used to jump one second forward and shift & "s" to jump backward - In the cutting form the button "m" can be used to jump one minute forward and shift & "m" to jump backward - Possibility to use a marker to divide an area into two areas - Markers are now rounded to the frame interval time - Check added for "PCR discontinuity" in log - Improved detection of first I-Frame in MPEG2 - I-Frame detection for MPEG2 with CyberLink PowerDVD 11 filters now working - I-Frame navigation completed - I-Frame detection for BBC HD fixed (slicetype > 4) - Correct cut now also possible for BBC HD - recording - Fallback function if the first I-Frame isn't found - Acceptable delay between video and other streams increased to 10 seconds - Corrected reading of value for "CROP =" in the commandline - AAC audio stream from BBC HD is recognized correctly as AAC track if there is no PMT - Fix for sporadically problem where after cutting the stream duration was 00:00:00.000 - Commercial detection is more accurately regarding the positions of cutting - MP4 output for TS-Remuxer (H264,MPEG-Audio,AC3) - Correct display of PTS timers in the log above 23:59:59.999 - Significantly improved cutting accuracy in MPEG2 and h264 - Fixed a bug when closing the thumbnail view - New commandline option LOG writes a short log of the processed files - Check for the destination filename in the batch list, so no destination file name can be used that already exists in the list - Revised section distribution to multiple files, file names can be changed - Display of the aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3) - Fixed a sporadic error in the garbage-scan - Search for the last usable TS packet in the stream improved - When a cutting point is set the image no longer jumping around some frames when using certain video filters - Not ISO639/2 compliant language codes are no longer ignored and can be overridden - If there is no language code for an AC3 stream, the language information can now be added to the PMT - Improved Graphbuilding process - Improved compatibility to MainConcept and CyberLink h264 filters - Precaution against possible hang (deadlock) when releasing the decoder filters after previewing - I-Frame display in the preview window for Mpeg2 and H264 recordings - Problems with Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder fixed - In the cutting form a jump to the next I-frame is supported - Additional warning text when deleting the complete batch list and a icon was placed on the button - Correction of the frame rate in the preview window when the muxer returns an incorrect value - Batch processing now shows "Finished" on the progress bar when the processing is done - Detecting a still encrypted stream start and ability to cut the encrypted area - Mdg 115 reika rar of the Lithuanian language (thanks to Andrius) - Fix for incorrect Teletext error messages on some recordings [PESLENGTH] - Error detection of Polish teletext page number - New trial period for version showing "trial period expired" - Sporadic frame type detection problem fixed - Start of the TS-Doctor trial version with FreeCommander no longer makes it necessary to reinstall the TS-Doctor - Read TS packages optimized (10-15% faster) - Fixed bug in directory selection in the TS demux - Progress bar when the recording format of Minerva repairing TV sets - In the timeline problem fixed that could cause that jumping with "jump backwards" leads to a jump prior the zero point - TeletextDescriptor is now correctly evaluated and properly display the language for the Teletext - TeletextDescriptor is evaluated in the log - Patching the Teletext pages in the PMT is possible now (858-> 888 subtitles) - Mpeg1 audio streams with 320KBit of radio recordings are now properly detected and also the demuxing works with this streams now - Extended progress bar when opened in TS demuxer - In the mode "Only checking" now always the correct source file is played - In the mode "Only checking" now all cutting and patch procedures are skipped - Missing LanguageDescriptor will be inserted if needed - Tools menu reorganized - Disk tool to determine the real read and write speed of storage media - [Alt]+[Enter] for switching between fullscreen and normal fixed - Failure during reinstall of TSMuxers fixed - Adjusting the frame rate for interlaced(PBAFF) H264 recordings with MKVToolnix - Warning if file already exists in TS Remuxer - Error preview without "Fast sample grabbing" 1.1.46 - Screenshots with fast sample-grabbing fixed - TS-Doctor Filesource integrated into the application - Registration of TS-doctor Filesource-filter no longer necessary (should fix some installation problems with restricted user rights) - Fixed memory leaks - Improved behavior of the progress window - No individual entries for deleted AC3 packages in the log, but a [Sex Scandal Us] K Pop Sex Scandal Korean Celebrities Prostituting vol 31 wmv at the end - Improves accuracy of single frame view (ffdshow, CoreAVC, Mainconcept, Cyberlink) - Workaround for inaccurate seeking with ffdshow by using "fast Samplegrabbing" (can be activated under settings/preview) - In line with wild card, "AUTOFIX" is now the Adriana Evans-Adriana Evans full album zip function (for example: tsdoctor.exe C:tmp*.ts Cfertig) - Fix for: "fast Samplegrabbing" can't be activated - New command line parameter for RawCutting at the beginning and end of a file "CROP=XX" where XX is the size in MByte (for example: tsdoctor.exe C:tmp*.ts CROP=10 C:fixed) - Message that VMs is not supported in the trial version will now produce a button to register a license file - Batch processing of problematic recordins with preliminary cut - More simple Muxer selection in the Remuxer - Cursor now changes in the timeline according to the function - For enabled quick Samplegrabbing in MPEG recordings the aspect ratio displays correctly again in the cutting window - TS format converter now sets the output file name automatically - Doubled the number of buffered frames in thumbnail view - Possible errors when closing the editing window are better caught - I0006 error fixed for Windows 7 systems with multiple users - Opening of problematic recordings with raw cut at the beginning and at the end - Annoying timer locking function removed - Now marked areas can be added in the timeline, too - Update of the cutting images improved after the cut - Editing in the editing forma has a better response time - Problems with blocked preview if the file and the old cutting list is loaded again - The newly open files with PCR reset bug fixed - Extended PCR check adjustable - Groupboxes more clearly structured in preferences - Eliminates accidental start of playback when maximizing/normalization of the cutting window - Fixed problems with the buttons in the resizing of the editing window - When you close the cutting window the window position and size is only stored if window is not maximized - Fixed a bug in the PCR index list - Fixed problems when shooting with padding data - Detecting and repairing of recordings with PCR reset (Unitymedia cable) - Fix for the AC3 advertising detection - Support for new Gabest MPEG splitter to fix playback of TV1000HD - Details on the occurrence of AC3 channel changes - AC3 advertising detection works well for recordings with PCR wrap, now - For the AC3 advertising detection the recognized channel-count of the main movie is taken into account now - The TS format converter now remembers the last set format - Correction of the stream ID handling is now selectable under "Diaglog settings" 1.1.35 - Import of Ali format type 1 (Xoro HRT 5000) - Separate treatment of Ali format type 1 to 3 when opening - Intelligent detection of file overlapping for Ali format type 1 - Log entry for filechange on Ali formatted files - Support for Mainconcept demuxer if "fast sample grabbing" is deactivated - Discontinuety error now with concrete time - For recordings without PMT and with two video tracks (Triax receiver) the video track with the highest stream share is prioritized - Buffer for MPEG2 video stream increases to avoid problems with HDTV in MPEG2 - Display problem in the progress window of the *.sc and *.ap index creation fixed - Link to support forum added - Problems with deactivated border decoration fixed - If no video track in preview then no frame grabbing - Language modul and translations improved - Problems with Enimga *.sc and *.ap index creation fixed - Enimga index creation can be permanently activated in Settings/Correction Behavior 1.1.29 - Thumbnail view for the cutting preview - Single image view with buffered images in reduced quality - Fast cutting screenshots can be activated under Settings/Preview "Use fast sample grabbing methode" - Volume in error preview is now correctly set - If no supported video decoders are found, the "fast frame grabbing" is disabled by default - If "fast frame grabbing" deactivated, "Microsoft DTV/DVD Video Decoder" ist supported under Windows Vista/7 - Fix for error when using the "classic Windows theme" under Win7 and "special window border" is disabled - Update of the progress bar at the demuxing/remuxing fixed - The file merger will no longer be confuse by PCR values on PID FFF - Detection of split recordings of Xoro HRS 8520 and Xoro HRS 8600 - Detection of timer problems during the opening of split recordings - Fix for MPEG audio streams in MKVToolnix remuxer - LanguageDescriptor for MKVs with MKVToolnix is now taken from the TS file - Tooltip animation is switched off now if option "Disable Windows animation" is active - Support of Drag&Drop for splitted files - Description of the audio tracks in the timeline improved, PID now hexadecimal - Better support for systems with multiple user accounts - Check for sufficient disk space for the remuxing - Note and abort when the first PCR value cannot be found - Search depth first PCR and first PTS value doubled - Message in the Remuxer if no muxers (tsMuxer or MKVToolnix) is installed - recognition problem by Eastern European channels fixed - tsMuxeR control fixed, which caused that tsMuxeR hangs when converting to BluRay, AVCHD - Automatic creation of Dreambox (Enigma) .ap and .sc files (for make forward and rewind work on the boxes) - Manual creation of the index of the Dreambox (Enigma) .ap and .sc Dateien via Tools/TS Index Creator - Detection and elimination of AC3 gaps in TS-Demuxer - Detection and elimination of straying video frames in TS-Demuxer - Code for LanguageDescriptor improved for missing PMT - TS-Remuxer with lip sync fix for AC3 streams with errors and gaps - MKVToolnix download under "Supported Tools" - MKVToolnix can be used as muxer in TS-Remuxer - Header compression disabled by default when MKVToolnix (WDTV compatible) - If you open the preview a warning is displayed now, if not directly supported video filters are found - Fixed problems with the beginning of the Stream, sporadically led to missing sound in certain media players or video tools - Credits for used libraries - Improved language support - French language support (thanks to Phil) - French manual (again thanks to Phil) - Problem in RawCutter for file splitting fixed - Now the output path is observed in commandline AutoCheck - Wildcard support for commandline (for example: tsdoctor.exe C:tmp*.ts AUTOFIX C:finish) - ComSkip is not called in batch mode again - Fixed problems after deleting an entry of the cutting list - Delete entry added in the cutting Preview popup menu - Added popup menu for the most important functions in the timeline - Removing of the cut list is now setting the cut list completely to the initial state - TSDoctorFileSource is now allways used as a filesource - Garbest splitter is no longer supported because the combination of TSDoctorFileSource and Haali splitter is better - Filters are now previously checked whether the necessary file is available - DirectShow filter info revised - Registering and unregistering of DirectShow filters - Remove from filter registrations also for filters that no longer exists (administrator privileges required) - Automatic mode for the playback filter (TS-doctor selects the best filter that is found in the system) - Sampling quality of 720p footage in thumbnail view doubled - Frame style of the single frame view adapted to the style of the thumbnail view - Fixed hangs when cut on preview when editing cursor was on the right - Support for PowerDVD 11 playback filter - Support for Elecard AVC playback filter - No longer supports Microsoft-DTV filter due to incompatibilities regarding new features and common playback problems - Auto-registration of compatible filters (Magix Video deluxe 17, Cyberlink PowerDVD 11) - Revised display of compatible DirectShow filter - While opening a file the menu is disabled - Automatic detection of TRP-multimedia file recordings (Vantage, Technomate, etc.) and opening of all associated files - Wait during position change removed to have faster jumping again - Display of the update status during frame grabbing - Permanent grabbing during playback disabled - Cutting screenshot no longer hangs if the sectional view can not be created - Short audio noise fixed after construction of the graph in the cutting preview 1.1.15 - More bugs during the build of the graph are now caught and displayed - Displays "Audio mode" in the video preview if there is no video track - Warning HaaliSplitter option "H264 custom type" (leading to not functioning playback with ffdshow) - Problematic PES header in RTL9(F) not leads on average more to incorrect PTS/DTS timer to - Fix for missing cutting image at the end of the stream - Number of the scan positions for AC3 mode change detection now adjustable - Takes over automatically existing ComSkip EDL cutting lists - Single image view with buffered images in reduced quality (attention! Still very buggy!) - Short audio noise fixed after construction of the graph in the cutting preview - Fast cutting screenshots can be activated under Settings/Preview "Use fast sample grabbing methode" - More bugs during the build of the graph are now caught and displayed - Displays "Audio mode" in the video preview if there is no video track - Warning HaaliSplitter option "H264 custom type" (leading to not functioning playback with ffdshow) - Problematic PES header in RTL9(F) not leads on average more to incorrect PTS/DTS timer to - Fix for missing cutting image at the end of the stream - Number of the scan positions for AC3 mode change detection now adjustable - Takes over automatically existing ComSkip EDL cutting lists 1.1.14 - Revised log formatting - Graphical representation of the playback graph - Support for ComSkip (Mpeg commercials detection) - GUI routinen updated - H264 cut revisedIt may not contain the latest versionsfrom a DVD (VTS011.VOB, VTS012.VOB, .) - Fix for missing recordings in the UPnP directory for Humax iCord HD+ - Drag&Drop support for file import (MOV,MKV,MP4,VOB) - Improved handling of the UPnP device cache 2.0.62 - Resync improves for faulty recordings - Teletext decoding of Czech channels improved - Czech translation of the GUI improved - Transmitter database for ASTRA 23.5 E and 19.2E updated 2.0.61 - Improved automatic mapping of new cutting areas in the cutting window 2.0.60 - Fallback to alternate broadcast info for deactivated Sky Germany Teletext - Fix for Tele5 Teletext - Cutting via Sims 3 Pandorasims Super Nude Patch cutting list (.ts.cuts) improved - Improved removal of incomplete shows at the beginning and the end of the recordings - Fixed problem with missing cut areas in batch processing - Im Schnittfenster redundante Nachfrage ob Schnittbereich hinzugefgt werden soll, entfernt - Removed redundant confirmation dialog if a cutting area should be added in the cutting window 2.0.59 - Image distorsions in "fast SampleGrabber" for SD recodings in 4/3 fixed 2.0.58 - Image distorsions in SD recordings and video acceleration enabled in the LAVFilter fixed - Optimization of multithreading in the "fast SampleGrabber" and TS-Doctor video renderer 2.0.57 - Hotfix for a bug in the "fast SampleGrabber", introduced in version 2.0.56 2.0.56 - Fixed crash when moving the cutting window on a second screen - Improved support for multiple screen systems - If "Only one instance" option is enabled, the primary instance will come to the foreground at the start of another instance 2.0.55 - Fix for double appending of fixed if source and target directory are the same - Incomplete reading of EPG data from Enigma EIT files for BBC channels fixed - Option that only one instance of the application can be started - M2TS format on saving is supported under Windows XP, too - Increases the priority of LAVFilter in automatic video filter selection - Fixed problem with importing, if the path to the tsMuxeR is not found - Fix for trial versions under VM and Wine (incomplete installation) 2.0.54 - Fix for the update of trial versions (incomplete installation) 2.0.53 - Fix for installation on computers with obsolete certificate database - New trial time - TS Packet Viewer improved - Timeout for the time-lapse view, if there are problems with creating an image - New option to save in the directory of the source file by default 2.0.52 - Application report for easier troubleshooting and faster customer support - The wrong broadcast information to the recording was sporadically saved in batch mode - Changed the optional "problem.txt" log file format to avoid compatibility issues with VLC Player - Fix for Pulse 4 teletext broadcast information 2.0.51 - Fehler in H.265 parser fixed - Delayed showing of the help information when rest the mouse cursor over an element - Advanced information on installation issues are now added to the Windows event list - PES length in the video stream was sporadically detected even if not present - When optionaly inserting 5.1 AC3 frames, the timer of the frames have not been patched correctly under any circumstances - Correct build number for Windows 10 in the log - "File CRC" compares file CRC with CRC from the log, is a log exists 2.0.50 - Fix for a bug in batch mode, where not all old PAT packets were filtered out 2.0.49 - Waiting for the frame update after the jump can now be disabled - During playback no waiting for frame update on jumps - UPnP protocol problem for Loewe TVs and Awox Media Server fixed - More details in error log for UPnP - Cutting images were not correct for MPEG2 videos with enabled "fast Samplegrabbing" - In the cutting windows the jump buttons now have autorepeat - After using one of the jump buttons, TS-Doctor waits till the new video frame is shown 2.0.44 - Adaptive detection of GOP size - Update of channel database 2.0.43 - Shortcuts disabled if window for the assignment of cutting areas is open - Episode titles were ignored for Enigma recordings for some channels 2.0.42 - Shortcut "o" for OK button in cutting window - Shortcut "c" for cutting preview in cutting window - Current sorting in the new file dialog will be saved - Fix for EIT data of some British channels like CBBC, where the broadcast details were not correctly analyzed for Enigma recordings - Ignore duplicate neutrino recording broadcast information - Fixed scaling of cutting images in the timeline panel for high-DPI monitors - No longer adding 'fixed' if AutoCheck commandline call - Speedup for video analysis (multithreading) 2.0.41 - Teletext infos for ServusTV fixed - Fixed a sporadic problem with advertising detection via Teletext - Correct Displays the files for Panasonic TV VTW60 series - Bit rate of each stream was sometimes missing in the log - Broadcast information were sometimes wrongly applied in batch mode - Dialog answer for the use of the Enigma .cuts files is now properly saved 2.0.38 - UPnP problems while accessing Panasonic TV VTW60 series fixed - UPNP debug level with more information can be selected in the UPnP settings now - During setup a backup of the Setup file will be created in the installation directory - Problems in the detection of Enigma- and Neutrino- recordings over network shares - Encrypted recordings can be displayed despite the missing sync bytes with the TS Packet-Viewer - Channel database expanded to over 7,000 channels - Fix for Polsat from release 2.0.31 removed, as the better Haali Splitter was no longer used for some German channels - Automatic fallback to LAV splitter, if the Haali splitter doesn't work (E.gTS-Doctor's file navigation and editing is a bit less efficient compared to the other two programs above, but once a file has been cleaned in TS-Doctor it is a breeze to do the finer editing in either of the others, error-free! Very happy to have found this Xbox 360 Emulator BIOS v3.2.4.rar (51.73 KB hit toolUPNP support Another new feature is the direct network access to UPnP devices, such as the currently available Technisat receivers


2.0.29 - fr Windows Mit dem TS-Doctor 2.0 erweitert Cypheros seine beliebte Software zum Ver- und Bearbeiten von Aufnahmen in Transportstream-FormatenTasti di scelta rapida per la modificats"-extension is automatically added when splitting into multiple files - Fixed problems with the VPS cutting for recordings that have a PCR-wrap - EPG data take precedence before Teletext program data - Message and abort is recording has too many missing PCR informations - Automatic separation of cutting areas to multiple files - Fix for sporadically not executed "PES length for the video stream to a safe value patching" - Support for split files of receivers with TitanNit operating system - Import of the recording details from the EPG file of TitanNit receivers - Teletext evaluation improves and bescheunigt - no Teletext evaluation of recording details for ZDF-Kultur and ZDF-Info, as they have not their own Teletext - Recording details with Teletext evaluation for German Sky channels - Fixed incorrect detection of the last PCR value for merging of recordings with 192 byte packets (Xoro HRS8500/8520) - Problems with resynchronizing the TS packet structure in defective recording with 192-byte packet size - Detection and troubleshooting program switching - Detect and resolve PCR jumps - TechniSat recordings can be opened now also via the .rec file - No more separate handling of recordings with and without cutting - Fixed a problem with PCR-wraps that resulted in a situation were the PCR wrap sporadically was not removed 1.2.71 - Haali splitter is installed only if not already present in the system - Display of the programmes detected by EPG or Teletext in the timeline - Teletext was not always parsed at the end of the recording - Radio recordings can be cutted - Fixed potential issues in the analysis of the Teletext - In the timeline panel, the editing cursor will respond in a larger area of the timeline - The correct cutting images now also be generated when the markers are moved - Automatic cutting with EPG data (EIT on PID 18) - In batch mode, the cut list was ignored when the "auto cut" no dialogue has been selected - Fix for missing REC file for TechniSat recordings, which led to problems for certain recordings - For the cutting preview the start and end playback time is configurable in the settings - The selection in the dialog box "Auto cut" the TS-Doctor can be stored - Fixed a problem with different CharaterSets for Teletext subtitles (ARD page 150,799) - Cut preview - Advertising recognition is renamed in "Auto cut", as this is much more accurate - Automatic automatic cutting is better configurable in the preferences - If the option "Test/repair startup" is selected in the file merger, the fixed file is created in the destination folder, too - Removal of incomplete shows at the beginning and end of a recording with automatic cutting - Quick scan for automatic cutting in VPS mode (much faster) - Improved accuracy of the automatic cutting in VPS mode - Fixed problem with missing progress in AR mode - Problem with not functioning preview solved with TechniSat recordings with malformed packets (Garbage) at the beginning of the file 1.2.66 - Better scaling of the time bar in the timeline panel - Thumbnail window can be docked to the left side of the timeline - Info about the used features in the commercial detection dialog - Workaround for missing last image of recordings in the timeline - In the timeline jumping to the markers is available ( Y and Shift-Y) - Fixed a problem with the thumbnail view using the "enhanced video renderer" - Teletext missing in the PMT and subtitles can be added now properly (E.gViele Fans der digitalen Technik erwarten aber schon die zweite Generation: DVB-T2 steht bereits in den StartlchernThe TS-Doctor offers an easy-to-operate cropping function and together with the automatic advertizing recognition feature, makes it childs play to remove bothersome advertizing interruptions from TV-pictures* gesponsorter Link Giga Meld dich fr den Newsletter an und erfahr das Neuste aus Technik und GamesQui, TS-Doctor pu aiutare pi di ogni altro strumento, sia per la registrazione HDTV che SDTVGIGA Startseite Tech Android Apple Windows Games Serien&Filme Downloads Shop Ratgeber Gutscheine Stagr Anmelden toggle menu Downloads News Treiber Add Ons Portable Archiv mehr Topthemen: Windows 10 Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Microsoft Word 2013 Tor Browser Bundle PDFCreator Microsoft Word 2010


Advertising recognition via Teletext analysis Users in Switzerland and Austria now have access to an enhanced teletext analysis that enables advertising to be found on SRF and ORF channels via e' un sito amatoriale personaleAlles zu TS-Doctor 2.0 Version: 2.0.29 Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Franzsisch Hersteller: Cypheros Lizenz: Shareware Plattformen: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Kategorien: Internetradio & TV, Multimedia Download Download fr Windows Populre Programme aus Multimedia RTL Live Stream Pro7 / ProSieben Live Stream Eurosport Live Stream Vox Live Stream RTL2 Live Stream Sat1 Live Stream Sport1 Live Stream iTunes MediathekView VLC Media Player Beliebteste Programme aus Internetradio & TV RTL Live Stream Pro7 / ProSieben Live Stream Eurosport Live Stream Vox Live Stream RTL2 Live Stream Sat1 Live Stream Sport1 Live Stream MediathekView ARD HD Live Stream RTL Nitro Live Stream Top 25 Programme Mozilla Firefox Skype Adobe Flash Player iTunes ICQ Internet Explorer Avira Free Antivirus VLC Media Player OpenOffice Google Chrome Top 10 Games GTA 6 The Last Of Us 2 Destiny 2 Far Cry 5 Red Dead Redemption 2 Fallout 5 LS 17 - Landwirtschafts-Simulator 17 Borderlands 3 GTA 5 FIFA 18 The program has a detailed review of H264 and MPEG2 video streams, AC3 and E-AC3 audio streams through CRC checkMore than twice the speeds can 1.2.184 - Fix for argument out of bounds 1.2.183 - Show details were incorrectly assigned when the file separation dialog was invoked - If option "appending 'fixed' and the file name when saving" is selected, the source file name is proposed as the destination file nameDie Leserwertung fr TS-Doctor 2.0 von 3/5 basiert auf 12 Bewertungendelete AC3 2.0 parts during commercial breaks of a movie with AC3 5.1 ) - In cutting window the playpack positioning cursor graphically integrated into the timeline - Support for Cypherlink H264-Decoder (PDVD8 OEM) - Maximize/Restore in cutting window updated (sometime not the full window was painted) - Timer-Locking in cutting window can be deactivated in the settings - Preview for stream errors updated - Newest Haali-Mediasplitter (03/27/2010) - During the definition of the cutting areas the current cutting list is saved periodically - If the same file is reopend, the last cutting list is loaded automatically - Added a new button to the cutting window for clearing the whole cutting list - Added hints for the buttons in the cutting window - By using the right mouse button on the cutting list, a jump to the begin or the end of the current entry can be done - Hint of the "Cut"-Button corrected - Reload perviuos file" - function implemented into the main menu - Hints are longer shown now (up to 8 seconds) - In TS-Format converter distinction between directory and file selection - The TS-Doctor supports the SmartLabs tsMuxeR now - Automatic download and installation of tsmuxer with the new tool SetupPlugins - Transportstream converting (with tsMuxeR) to m2ts - Transportstream converting (with tsMuxeR) to AVCHD - Transportstream converting (with tsMuxeR) to Bluray - "Audio Only Mode" for radio streams - Offset for PCR wrap increased, because it could occur sporadically, that the first PCRs were not adjusted correctly - Diagram to show the video bandwidth - Eliminated sporadic Date problems despite license file - Export into the new ALI Digital TS format (INFO3.DVR) - Export into the old ALI Digital TS format (INFO.DVR) - No longer "PTS time base" error messages for ARD HD and ZDF HD if option "No Teletext" is active - Number of packets increased for searching of "PTS time base" problems - Visual components updated - Improved compatibility with Windows 7 Aero - Wrong detection of a mpeg audio stream as ac3 in transport stream converter fixed 1.0.33 - Most current version of the Haali Matroska splitter ( - Conversion into the dvr format improved, file over 1 GB should work now - DirectX header upgraded to newer version - Potential problems in graph builder engine fixed - Support of the new "Enhanced Video Renderer" - Under settings is a new option where you can choose to be informed about Beta updates - Update window revised - License option for date limited trial license files - DirectShow graphbuilder completely rebuild and now hopefully more robust - Support of more filters (Cyberlink, MainConcept, etc.) - Support of VideoRenderers - Better compatibility to Windows 7 - Form border can now be disabled for better Aero experience (Vista/Windows 7) - Skining can now be disabled (Error in range checking during start under Win7 x64 and TuneUp Styler) with RegKey: HKEYCURRENTUSERSoftwareCypherosTSDoctorSettingsDisableFormSkin (REGDWORD = 1) - Problems with false "H264 video resolution info changed" messages fixed - Now, in FileMerger, if files are lager than 4 GB the filesystem of the destination drive is checked and a warning appears is it's not NTFS - False detection of the audio stream type for TV1000 streams fixed (if PAT/PMT are missing) - In FileMerger inproved sorting if a bunch of files are added (Fix for Vantage *.trp problem) - The moving of file in the FileMerger leeds to false "Timer Gap Detection" and resulting in timer errors in the final stream - Colorimetry will now be shown in the log if "H264 video resolution info changed" event occures - Window animations/blending effects can be disabled (faster workflow) - Cutting window maximizable - Additional button in the head of the cutting window to make the cutting list disapear - In the cutting window Play and Pause button melted into one button - DirectShow filter information with details of the found DirectShow filters (Version,CLSID,Filename,Merit) in the settings window - Filter selection under settings changed 1.0.28 - Problem solved with dialog "Trial time is over" even the 30 days are not over yet - Possibility to install the license file in the "Trial time is over" dialog 1.0.27 - Separation between release version and beta version - Detection and display of stream delays releative to the video stream - Better telugu tv anchor suma blue film free download | updated of the delta between video PCR and video PTS (more precisely cutting) - Cutting will now be synchronized with the new stream delay values (more precisely) - Detection and correction of displaced PTS timers (Teletext ARD HD/ZDF HD), now the teletext should be preserved - No longer a correcting dialog for: Audio stream: Patch StreamID from $FFFFFFFF to $BD for not detected stream types - Some unnecessary parameter removed from log - Fix for screen resolutions > 96 DPI 1.0.26 - StackOverflow with RawCutter fixed - Command line parameter for destination file was ignored - Hotfix for Sky streams where the duration was detected wrong 1.0.25 - Hotfix for crash with activated H264 option "Remove filler data" - No longer for videotext streams that will be deleted - Output folder for MKV export was not used 1.0.24 - Hotfix for sporadically licence problems for french Windows - Enhanced error display for startup problems - FAQ created and added a link to the menu - Simple command line function for automatic checking and fixing of files (see FAQ for details) - Total-Commander and similar tools should work now with registered version - Manual updated 1.0.23 - Registration of license files with help of a menu entry - In the cutting window a double click on a cutting area leads to a jump to the beginning of the cutting area - During graphically adding of a cutting area the video cursor will follow the selected area 1.0.22 - Fix for "Trial expired" [F004] problems - Cutting window redone and cutting list added 1.0.20 - Workaround for "Trial expired" problem with optional Trial license file - Displaying date on "Trial expired" - Main window and cutting window are storing last position and size 1.0.19 - Display of duration during MKV converting should match better now - Enhanced DVR export - Different small changes 1.0.18 - Time in progress form is working again - TS converter to convert TS files into MKV format (Haali splitter/muxer has to be installed) - TS converter to convert TS files into ALI digital Format(*.dvr) (used by Comag, CMX, etc.) - Detection and correction of timer discrepancies while merging in the FileMerger 1.0.17 - Problems with timer correction option "patch always" fixed - Files with PCR wrap can now be cutted correctly - Shows the NALU type 12 "Filler Data" ratio for H264 streams - Wrong error messages, that PCR/PTS/DTS Timer are not patchable for "Check" mode disabled - Error "Invalid handle" in cutting window fixed - NEW and very much experimental: Remove of "Filler Data" from H264 streams


I do remember when it first came out there wree problems downloading itHaven't been able to locate where the menu or button is to activate the registry export facilityPID FFF) 1.0.45 - Files in the temp folder will now be deleted only after inquiry - This version no longer appears as a beta version 1.0.44 - Support for streams with only one single PID (Radio streams) - Support for Mpeg1/Layer2 audio streams, like the one used by Antenne Bayern - Problem fixed with incorrect identification of resolution for h264 camcorder recordings, using a scaling matrix - Question about 192 bytes m2ts mode removed, because it's unnecessary - M2TS- or TS mode will now be displayed under Stream details - Dialog about invalid start byte removed, because it's unnecessary[Ad-Supported] = The software is bundled with advertisingHauppauge HD PVR 2 jetzt bei Amazon bestellen * TS-Doctor 2.0: Systemvoraussetzungen Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 oder 10 (32 Bit oder 64 Bit) Fr SDTV-Aufnahmen mindestens CPU 1 x 2,4 GHz und 1 GByte Arbeitsspeicher Fr HDTV-Aufnahmen mindestens Dualcore-CPU 2 x 2,8 GHz und 2 GByte Arbeitsspeicher DirectX 9.0c und kompatible Grafikkarte mit DXVA TS-Doctor 1.2 Wen ihr noch einen lteren Rechner zuhause stehen habt und die neue Version von TS-Doctor nicht auf eurem Computer luft oder ihr die alte Version einfach prferiert, findet ihr hier auch einen Download zum alten TS-Doctor 1.2Mac OS X1.CrossFTP 1.98.22.QuarkXPress 13.0.23.TestDisk & PhotoRec 7.14.TexMaker 5.05.UNetbootin 6.526.Navicat dla MySQL 12.0.107.Resilio Sync 2.5.68.GeoGebra 6.0.377.09.Calibre 3.4.010.Airfoil 5.1.711.iMazing 2.2.912.CLIQZ 1.14.113.Tweeten 4.0.314.DxO Optics Pro 11.4.215.Coollector 4.9.816.Dropbox 30.4.2217.RSS Guard 3.4.118.Vivaldi 1.10.867.4819.Rank Tracker 8.13.220.LinkAssistant 6.13.221.SEO SpyGlass 6.26.222.Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac 201823.Dashlane Web Editor 3.0325.XAMPP 7.1.7So it makes no difference whether you receive your television programs by SAT, Cable or antenna, the TS-Doctor is the optimum tool for processing these files on a computer and bringing them into a compatible format